Now serving a selection of new daily dishes

With a team of inspirational culinary chefs, Nofara Café is always focused on developing new dishes to satisfy each diner’s unique tastes and preferences. Using fresh ingredients and local produce, we serve anything from healthy salads to delicious main courses and mouth-watering desserts as well as a range of organically brewed coffees and teas.

In creating palates with flavorsome spices from across the region, Nofara Café introduces a selection of new daily dishes for diners to enjoy during the work week (Sunday to Thursday). A healthy alternative for those wishing to dine consciously, our daily dishes are perfect for employees working nearby or families wanting to stop by for a wholesome meal.

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After an incredible culinary journey together with our loyal customers, we are closing down this weekend. This is not the end of the road and we will be working hard on something new and exciting. We will still offer our catering services and you can keep in touch with us 
Our new concept is an artisanal bakery offering an authentic, wholesome eating experience that we know you will love. We look forward to sharing this new journey with you.  
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